New England Drags - Audi Night?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Jun 24 11:55:40 EDT 2004

At 9:06 AM -0400 6/24/04, Marc Swanson wrote:

>Correct, it seems that a bunch of Audi owners are congregating to New
>England Dragway this Friday.  I'm planning on attending the
>festivities.  My 4ktq isn't ready yet but it will be fun to run my stock
>(as far as the engine is concerned) S6 to establish a baseline before
>the major mods I have planned for next month.

I'll be there.  Managed to beat almost exactly half the field a few 
years ago, be fun to see how the car does now that it doesn't have 
assorted boost leaks and I'll be smart enough to empty out the ton of 
garbage I had in it.

Should I put the snows back on to cut 40-50lb? :-)

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