hall sender code 2113

Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Thu Jun 24 13:23:18 EDT 2004

We looked through Worldpac.  My '88 5ktq did not have the distributor 
that had the hall sender kit.  Perhaps the '86 or '87 had the earlier 
007 distributor.  It's also possible mine was upgraded at some point by 
a PO.

I guess check your distributor part number, as we appear to both be 
correct :-)

Here is the blurb from Worldpac's web site:
Vehicle: 1988 Audi 
<http://catalog.worldpac.com/worldpac/year-make.jsp?partner=default> 5000 
Part: Hall Sender Parts Kit 

For Vehicles With
Distributor 0 237 522
007. If Vehicle Is
In Distributor. 1 237 011 066 = rotor, 3 Wire sender, baseplate 
hardware, rectangular connection. (Stationary)
Equipped With Distributor 0 237 522 011, Hall Unit Is Not Serviceable.

The worldpac web site's catalog tour is actually a nice place to look up 
part, as most stores use Worldpac or FAST, at least around here in the 
PNW.  If Worldpac does not have the part, your odds of finding it at a 
FLAPS is very low in my experience.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA

Cody Forbes wrote:

>>Sadly, you must change the whole distributor.  The Hall sensor is not
>>available through auto parts channels by itself for the MC motor.  (The
>>4k distributor has a part number for just the PC board in the
>>distributor)   I think a few people have managed to cross reference the
>>5ktq hall sensor, but I haven't actually heard of anyone replacing just
>>the sensor.
>>Bernard Littau
>>Woodinville, WA
>>'88 5ktq
>Not true. I can get them from WorldPac and have changed quite a few of them
>actually. If you can't find them anywhere else shoot me a private e-mail and
>I'll cut you a Q-list discount to a coupke of bucks over cost (plus shipping
>of course).
>-Cody Forbes
>Black Forest Racing
>'86 5ktq
>'87 5ktq EFI/K27
>'88 80 4cyl - For sale
>'88 90 4cyl - For sale

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