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Sat Jun 26 22:57:39 EDT 2004

Jim & Michelle writes:
> I have another problem.  The blower that blows air across the turbo ( =
> turbo cooler I suppose) stays on all the time even after the engine has =
> cooled, I've never noticed the blower working at all before and now it =
> won't quit, I finally unplugged the connector after about 45 min. with =
> the ignition off.  any suggestions?    88 5kT

That's the cooling fan for the fuel injectors.  It's there to keep
under hood temps from getting too high after shutoff, in order to
prevent vapor lock causing hard restarts.

It is controlled by a thermoswitch located nearby (hard for me to
describe), but if you search the google archive for
"injector cooling fan" or "injector cooling blower" you'll probably
get some hits.

Either that thermoswitch is failed in the closed position, or you
may have a wiring short (due to working on other stuff in the

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