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Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Jun 27 06:49:06 EDT 2004

Jim & Michelle wrote:
> Well I've checked for vaccum leaks, ...
> I ran a code check even though the check engine light  didn't come on, 
> code was 2113 so I put a new dist in since the connector at the dist was 
> dried and cracked.  I just knew that was the problem.  Well It didn't seem 
> to help and I still get the same code.

Hmmm...  Doing some web searches, I get 2 different explanations
of what DTC 2113 mean.

Scott Mockry's site shows 2113 to be:
    2113 (Blink Fault Code), VAG1551/2 Fault Code Number 00515
    Hall sender in distributor
    Distributor alignment, faulty sender,
    Mis-located sensor & distributor

both show this:
    DTC 2113 = Camshaft Position Sensor (G 40)
    Camshaft Position Sensor (G 40)
    No change in signal
    Open circuit or short circuit to positive
    Signal to positive
    Short circuit to ground
    Signal to ground
    Mechanical malfunction, hall sender defective
    Faulty basic setting, or distributor alignment
    Cambelt has jumped a tooth
    If 1551/1552 Shows sporadic disregard

Since you replaced the distributor (new, but known to
be good?), I'd look at the camshaft position sensor.

In addition, I have found the simplest solution to hesitation
problems to be to put in new spark plugs and spark plug wires.
When were they last replaced?

'94 100 S Avant, 2a
'89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"

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