Has front hub bolt been superceded with new design?

SJ syljay at optonline.net
Mon Jun 28 11:43:27 EDT 2004

Patient is 1990 100q

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I went to pick up the new bolts for the front hubs. Bentley says to replace
New bolts dont look like the old ones. My parts guy double checked with his
supplier and they confirmed that this is the new design for the application.

The new bolts are a different design. The head is an Allen female (17 mm?),
the washer is built into the head . . . head and washer is all one piece.
The threads go right up to the head.

The old bolt looks like a stretch bolt. The 1/4" washer is built into the
head but freely rotates. The threaded section is only 1". The rest of the
bolt is smaller in diameter (necked).

Does anyone know if the old bolt has been superceded with this new design?

I'll be going to the parts store tomorrow and will bring along the old bolt
for comparison.

I just called the local Audi Parts Department. They confirmed that this new
bolt is what comes with the bearing kit.  The FA has a star in front of the
number, which means its part of a kit.

I think I'll re-use the old bolt. I would need a new tool with this new
Allen head design.
Any problems with reusing the old bolt?
Part number for the old bolt is 4A0 407 643.

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