Changed 2 knock sensors

Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Wed Jun 30 15:30:37 EDT 2004


I changed both knock sensors, got used ones, 2 for $130.

The yellow light on the dash has gone out 
and the car starts better and drives much better at
extremely slow speeds, but

as soon as I went to give it gas it doesn't respond well
and on the highway it misfires.

I assume that what is left to replace is the hall sensor (hall sender) ?

My husband is at a point where he is like a deer frozen in the headlights of
a car.  He doesn't have the proper tools to diagnose it and I have spent too
many months of wasted gas.  

I am going to start throwing parts at it?

Cheers,  Cat

P.S.  Anyone have a *tool for changing the timing belt* laying around that you want to get rid of for something?

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