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Mon Mar 1 03:58:48 EST 2004

Saw this on men and motors channel last night, unfortunately I only caught
the latter half.
The cars were all very varied, Vauxhall viva, ford cortina, ford sierra
cosworth, wrx, Quattro, sport Quattro,Honda s2000, corvette stingray funny
car (road legal), mk3 golf twin vr6 turbo..... to name what I  can
The bit of the show I caught was the 0-60 run. Best of 3 on effectively a
private road.
The first car I could not identify, hand painted matt black 70's coupe,
looked impressive, some sort of large turbo engine, guy complained that in
his last run he tried launching in top gear, and it still lit its tyres
The golf mk3 was absolutely awesome, lovely noise from the twin vr6 turbo
Audi content: 1983ish black urq running some serious tyres....driven by Jon
sleuth?????? I think his name was, anyone know the car? Well, he could only
use part throttle and got into the mid 3's.
Then the funny car, not very impressed, they had turned the nos off and
retarded the ignition so they had a sensible level of power, did not look
fast but managed low 3's
Then the sport Quattro.... Oh.... Not just any.... Dialynx's silver sprt
Quattro, you guys seen it on the vids??? Hehe...... 3.07 seconds....... I
have seen it on a video at the drag strip doing a reported 2.45......
Top four read:
Sport Quattro
Corvette stingray
Mk3 Golf

First skyline in the list was 9 or 10.... Hehe
S2000 was not even worth talking about!!!

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