87 5ktq fuel lines

Drew MacPherson drew at scirocco.cs.uoguelph.ca
Mon Mar 1 08:28:16 EST 2004

I'm disappointed to learn that with all the effort put into corrosion 
protection on the body steel fuel lines are still used on the 200...!

On my A1 cars I replace the steel lines with the plastic lines used on
the A2+ cars.  The plastic lines can easily be adpated to steel using high
pressure neoprene fuel line (minimum 150 psi) and stainless band clamps.

I've had no issues in 10 years of this practice on CIS cars, even with the
salty winters we get here in Midwestern Ontario.


On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> At 11:09 PM 2/29/2004 -0500, Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:
> There IS a high pressure flexible fuel hose available that clamps around
> the hard fuel line with special hose clamps at each end if you want a
> quicker, cheaper "fix".  The hose just is too large to fit in the rubber
> retainers inside the clips.  I spent under $20 to replace the leaking
> supply line on my 200q20v.  Took about an hour to cut and burnish the metal
> lines at each end under the car,  get the hose and clamps in place and zip
> tie the hose to the retainer clips. The other lines have not started
> leaking yet.   I plan to replace all the metal lines with spliced-in metal
> when the weather is more comfortable.
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