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Tue Mar 2 03:59:57 EST 2004

> I'm curious- are camera-equipped radar guns(not the stationary ones,
> ones actually operated by police) at all common in Europe?  I don't
> think I have ever seen such a thing here in the states.

<sound of feathers being spat>


Here in Northamptonshire we have the infamous "Safety Camera Team", who drink coffee and eat
doughnuts in a white van with lots of large tinted windows on several sides.  They think it
particular fun to park on an overbridge on the A14 - a wide, well-appointed dual carriageway
(i.e., four-lane with median and crash barriers) and point their damn camera-linked LIDAR down
said highway at 06:30 on a bright, dry summer morning with NO traffic in sight apart from a
100TQW doing a mere 85 in perfect safety along a road that for technical legal reasons is
rated at 70 mph.

<end of featherspitting>

Over here you very rarely get stopped for speeding.  It's the brown envelopes you have to
worry about.  Which means that if you're shuttling up and down a road in a hurry, you can
rapidly accumulate enough points to get banned.

I don't think you need to know _any_ German to get the gist of the primary German website -

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