Ignition Distributor Question

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 3 01:25:25 EST 2004

-Providing there is regular spark, the hall sender 
is OK.
-The first thing to look for is the vacuum diaphragm 
advance is not leaking, which is the only limited 
life component inside, and should be checked and 
changed at regular intervals.
  -If anything is wrong with mech. advance, which is 
unlikely, you could feel it at the shaft rotational 
free play, and by shaking it for loose bits (two 
springs and two bob weights are inside and if any 
come off, the disturb. in operation makes crunching 
noises, and it makes real mess inside).
-The only thing to lubricate, without taking it 
apart, is felt cylinder on the top of the shaft 
(underneath the rotor), which should be saturated 
with oil.
-The only important play to check for is 
axial/radial play between body and shaft, and 
axial/radial play between the shaft and advance sleeve.
-If radial play is to big, you need a distributor 
for sure, if axial play is big, which means that the 
alu body sleeve has being worn by the steel gear, 
make sure that nothing interferes in elevated 
position and timing difference isn't significant 
.One can shim this play, but is a real PITA job and 
probably simpler to get another distributor.



Christo Atanasov wrote:

 > 10x for the fast replay Javad! :)
 > so 2 ways:
 > 1) finding distributor from another CIS car with 
5 cyl Engine
 > 2) try to find whole ignition system from CIS3 
car - maybe better.
 > or....
 > 3) try to disassemble and clean my distributor.. 
I think 19 years of work
 > may cause some dirt+oil deposits, that make 
mechanical advance harder.
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 >>Chris, no, the CIS3 distributors don't use 
mechanical advance like the
 > CISE distributors, they are not interchangeable.
 >>>Well, got a little question..
 >>>I think that I have problems with my advance 
corection.. so I want to
 > change ignition distributor. Wonder is it 
possible to use newer distributor
 > from NG/NF (KE3-Jetronic) on my HY (K-Jetronic) 
engine without need of
 > change whole ignition system.
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