Between a Rock and a Rock: Repair or Replace Engine?

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Thu Mar 4 17:46:42 EST 2004

Depending where you live you could even have some OOOO protesters show up. 
> LOL !
-Scott by BOSTON
> >Subject: Between a Rock and a Rock: Repair or Replace Engine?
> Thought just occurred to me - how much would they like a nice, shiny, 
> obviously late-model A6 with a big LEMON!!!! sign front, rear, both sides, 
> parked *legally* in front of their showroom, with the unhappy owner handing 
> out a printed history of what Audi WON'T do for him after only 60 days out 
> of warranty on a 78,000 mile car?
> Guarantee you that will get their attention, especially if you invite the 
> local media for the "grand opening". Smaller TV stations are especially 
> good for this - they are hungry for anything that even vaguely resembles 
> news. And if you happen to have a city permit to distribute handbills, 
> there is nothing they can do to you, but they might just reconsider doing 
> something FOR you . . . TV cameras and microphones pointed by pushy 
> reporters have a *very* high freak-out quotient . . .
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