Next planned mod: new aux. gauges, but need some advice

Huw Powell audi at
Fri Mar 5 01:21:49 EST 2004

> Somebody else suggested using 2 Ts. Put a T in both of the places
> that have stock oil pressure sensors (idle and higher RPM). Then put
> 1 stock pressure switch and one aftermarket sensor on each T.
> Basically T1 would have the idle pressure switch plus the aftermarket
> oil pressure gauge sensor and T2 would have the other stock pressure
> sensor and the aftermarket oil temp gauge sensor. Then leave the
> stock oil temp sensor where it is and just don't use it. Thoughts on
> this idea?

To read oil temps you want the sender to be in a place that oil flows 
past.  On a T outside the block like that, all you'll get is something 
in between the block temp and the underhood air temp.

I suppose that is why Audi put it right in the oil pump.

Huw Powell

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