Windshield replacement.

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Fri Mar 5 07:46:43 EST 2004

Interesting you mention that. I got the windshield on my 85 4000Q 
replaced 2 years still had the original.   The original was 
starting to get a little pitted from sand and difficult to see through 
at sunset/sunrise.  When I got the 'no name' replacement (I want to say 
Sekurit) it looked great for about 6 months.  Then it became far more 
pitted than the original did after 17 years!  It seemed like the new one 
was softer or something.  No other variables were changed either 
(commute, climate etc). 

my 2 cents.

Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC wrote:

>I worked at a glass shop for about 2 years, and I'll let you know there are
>a number of windshields available, and all have to meet the same minimum
>requirements (I think DOT makes these. Audi more than likely buys their
>glass from one of these manufacturers anyhow, as they do gauges(VDO), seats
>(Recaro), etc.
>There are two good urethane companies that are used by 95% of car
>manufacturers. They are Essex and Siekens. These two share the market about
>Tony Hoffman
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>Hi Y'all,
>I have an appointment for tomorrow (Thursday) morning to replace a cracked 
>windshield on my urS6.  (Caught a rock during a snowstorm a couple of 
>months ago.)  My inclination at this moment is to accept only glass with 
>the four ring logo on it.  Are there other acceptable substitutes?
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