How did someone get a key to our car?!?!

Scott Sutherland scott at
Fri Mar 5 17:33:13 EST 2004

We only received the two "switchblade" keys and the all-plastic 
spare.  I doubt that the the mechanics key they recovered was 
original to our car, since we bought the Audi new two and a half 
years ago and 2500 miles away.

To answer the earlier question, we didn't get many details, but we 
believe the thief (or whoever ended up with the car) was caught 
because he had a flat on the freeway at 3AM.  The police checked the 
plates (also stolen, but from another car), and I suspect they 
immediately offered the guy a ride :-).

Thanks everyone for the help.

- Scott

>Franco Barber writes:
>>  Scott,
>>  Did it look something like this key:
>  >
>>  This is the standard mechanics (valet) key that should come with
>>  any Audi.  The one pictured above is from my 95, and your 2001 could
>>  look different (I think the shank of the key is different.)
>>  Did you not get one of these when you bought the car?
>For 2001 (at least it's true for for my S4), the car comes with
>four keys.  Two of these are the full "switchblade" style folding
>keys with built-in remote transmitter, one valet key that has
>the insignia like the one in the above pic on the handle, and
>one all-plastic spare key.  The spare key operates all locks,
>but the valet key doesn't work on the glove box, trunk and
>seatback locks.  None of these keys on a 2001 incorporate a
>immobilizer function.  1999.5 and later Audis all use the type
>of key that has a straight shank but wiggly grooves which are not
>easy to duplicate.
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