CIS-E potentiometer repair/replace

Kurt Deschler desch at
Mon Mar 8 14:45:40 EST 2004

The plunger position potentiometer on the CIS-E box on my GTI has a dead
spot in the idle position. I tried cleaning it and even sanding it lightly
with 1000 grit paper and no improvement. Everything I read says you can't
buy the potentiometer; you have to buy the entire distributor. Anyone had
any experience repairing these or know of a replacement source? Do
most/all of the pots out there faulty? I was thinking that if I can't
locate one, maybe I can attach a conventional potentiometer somehow or
maybe even expoxy the guts from another pot onto the board. Any BTDTs???.

	87 5kcstq
	88 VW GTI 16V

 Has anyone ever att

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