[urq] Bad turbo not so bad - head gasket/timing

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Mar 9 18:20:09 EST 2004

> This my sound stupid but... How will I know that the motor is TDC

As pointed out, look at the flywheel mark (which corresponds to cylinder 
#1 being at the top of its travel).  But that will be happen twice for 
each camshaft rotation, you also want the head/cam to be at TDC.

This is when the front two cam lobes are both "up", and roughly 
symmetrical - meaning both the cyl #1 valaves are closed.  There is a 
mark on the back of the cam timing belt pulley that should align with 
"the top of the cam cover gasket" at this point.

You may have to nudge the cam slightly one way or the other to actually 
get the belt teeth to line up.

Huw Powell



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