CIS-E potentiometer repair/replace

Kurt Deschler desch at
Wed Mar 10 10:40:31 EST 2004

The potentiometer didn't appear linear on my meter. I bet I altered the
resistance curve when I sanded it. I also tried increasing the pressure on
the potentiometer wiper and that didn't help either. Looks like I'm going
to have to get a used airflow meter.

	87 5kcstq
	88 vw gti 16v
	00 s4 6spd (hers)

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> > The only experience I have is with playing around with some Audi 5-cyl
> > CIS-E and E3 pots one day.  Made a test connector so we could measure
> > the resistance while raising the airplate, just for fun.
> We did this on four MB ur-quattros about five years back.  I've got Audi's calibrated
> plate-raising tool and we were interested in the way fueling works on the MC - it's an MC-1
> with the smog stuff deleted.
> It turns out that plate movement stops at around 4500 rpm - all extra fuel from that point on
> comes from the ECU increasing the fuel frequency valve duty cycle to lower the pressure in the
> lower half of the metering head.
> Anyway - a piece of information garnered: the potentiometer is INCREDIBLY precise.  We had
> multimeters that read to 2% and all four were within that tolerance.
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