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sorry I don't have the link but I can't help but to go into this topic a little. 
I don't know how out of balance the shaft would be, I think that probably if you 
can't get it right with the normal alignment methods you need to have the shaft 
dynamically balanced by a specialist. As for the self balancing, small 
imbalances can be dealt with using a flange that has a grove in it that holds 
some ball bearings so they can roll around the shaft. Once the shaft goes 
through its natural frequency the ball bearings will go to where they need to be 
in order to balance the shaft. It is a little more complicated on a long shaft 
but that is more or less how it works. 
this is a little more complicated but it might at least be interesting to you.

I whipped up this in CAD to show you more what I mean. It shows to two sides of 
a shell that would be bolted together. To make it you can cut the groove using a 
rotary table and a ball end mill after turning the overall shape. I am not 
saying this is practical but I have seen I balance a shaft with my own eyes.


3/10/04 10:17:51, "Denis Julien" <sparkplugvw at> wrote:

>Anyone has the link for the auto balancer for drive shaft.
>The unit bolt to the drive shaft into 2 circle that maintain in place a tube 
fill with something heavy. When the shaft turning the little weight goes where 
it needs to balance...
>i tried on archive by did not find yet.
>Denis J
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