ADMIN: "FA", "ETKA", "ELSA" was Re: Porsche FA now available

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Mar 10 18:41:37 EST 2004

Paul Pribis wrote:

> Gee Brett; Have you got a copy of ELSA for a fellow enthusiast
> (wink-nod-shake-shake)....... I guess I don't know the handshake.

> As for Pedro. He may not have been discreet. But your reaction was
> boorish, elitist, reactionary, and destructive.

I have to disagree.  The only thing I can think of that would have been 
more appropriate would have been to get a lawyer to come up with a bunch 
of legalese framing an adequate disclaimer - and charging the original 
poster for the legal costs involved.

People running things like this mailing list not only have the right to 
comment as they see fit on what they see as inappropriate content, they 
also have a legal responsibility to keep it within the law.

Not only was Pedro offering bootlegged copyrighted software, his post 
solicited payment for one version.  Brett's concern for the legal 
ramifications was simple common sense, and hopefully created an adequate 
defense in case the owners of that copyright ever come knocking.

Huw Powell

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