any parts degreaser solvent recommendations

Richard Beels beels at
Thu Mar 11 01:40:30 EST 2004

I have 2 PWs.  One has straight kerosene.  The other has Super Agitene.  I 
find myself never using the kerosene anymore....

The Super Agitene actually smells good, has lanolin to keep it from eating 
at your hands, and is not supposed attack your liver or cause cancer. It 
doesn't cut grease as fast as gasoline (but what does?), but it is not 
flammable, doesn't evaporate and... it lasts.

I've spent hours with my face in the parts washer and felt fine 
afterwards.  No headaches, skin actually feels good (thought I usually wear 
gloves anyways), don't smell like a diesel. The Super Agitene leaves a 
lanolin coating on parts that prevent them from rusting but is not heavy 
enough to warrant stripping (but i would on clutches and rotors).  The 
regular Agitene doesn't have lanolin.

It's kind of pricey at $8/gallon but I have maybe 9 gallons of the 10 
gallons I bought over 3 years ago...

At 03/10/2004 at 10:21, Shakespearean monkeys danced on Ben Swann's 
keyboard and said:
>I just got a 50 gal parts washer to clean engine parts.  I found the cost 
>of the mineral spirit based degreaser to be rather 
>expensive.  Recommendations for an economical solvent or degreaser?  Looks 
>like I'll need at least 20 gallons.
>I suppose an online source that can ship me the stuff in 5 gal. containers 
>would be good.  Just need a less expensive source.


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