Tire sizing help?

Greg Galinsky nokian at aaahawk.com
Thu Mar 11 15:25:15 EST 2004

Ben wrote:

> Hi...
> I have some 225-50R16 snow tires on my 1990 200.  Got 'em secondhand,
> and put a bunch of miles on them with less than optimal alignment, and
> now they suck.  I'm looking to get a new set, but here's the question:
> The tires seem to be a little on the wide side for the rims (not sure
> how wide the rims are!).  Also, stock of snow tires is not great at
> this time of year, especially if you want Hakkas.  Could I get 215-
> somethings instead?  What is something?  It seems that 215-55s would
> be too large-radius, but I don't know the details of the calculation.
> 215-50?  Anything else?
> Thanks!
> -Ben
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Have you got any of the 15" rims sitting around?  If so I would go with 
either a 195/65-15, 205/60-15 or a 205/65-15.  Just got the updates from 
Nokian and there is going to be a new tire; the RSi to replace the Hak Q 
in all but 10 tread sizes.

The 225/50-16 have a OD of 24.9" and a load index of 96; and a 215/55-16 
is 25.3" and load index of 97.
The 205/55-16 is 23.9" and a load index of 91.
I've got lots of the various Hak treads and sizes in stock now.
Going with a skinny tire on a 15" rim is the way to go if you  want foul 
weather function.

Good luck
Greg Galinsky
G & G Service

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