Shipping a transmission

Dave K. desmo888 at
Thu Mar 11 20:23:59 EST 2004

I just shipped a trans to FL and the buyer arranged it .  He said he used or something like that.  You don;t know the carrier
until you accept the bid.
He got it shipped for about $100 less than the same shipper quoted direct.

Dave K.

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> Hello All!
> I have to ship a transmission (yes its an Audi trans) to New Hampshire
> WA state).  I have a pallet/crate ready to go.  It weighs about 200 lbs.
> Does anyone have any recommendations on inexpensive air or truck freight
> companies?  Most of the places I have called need me to open a business
> account...and I'd rather not since this is a one-time deal.
> Thanks in advance!!
> Richard
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