A4 Suspension Noise - Help Needed

Jon Linkov jon at audiclubna.org
Mon Mar 15 18:51:36 EST 2004

Rob -

This most certainly sounds like the control arm bushing problem that
afflicted early A4s. I had my control arms replaced once under warranty and
then once out of warranty, both times paid for by Audi. The second time used
the new "fixed" bushing/arm and I haven't had the problem since (50K miles
since replacement).

Depending on where you service the car and how friendly you are with the
service advisor (if it's a dealer), you may get either parts or labor
covered by AoA to replace the arms. If you're really friendly, they'll cover
both. My service advisor and I were friends (he is no longer at the dealer),
and I got parts and labor covered, since the car was unmodified, I did all
services, etc, etc.

It's annoying, but not dangerous (AFAIK). But the groaning is a PITA.


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> I have a loud, quite irritating noise coming from my front suspension.  It is
> a mechanical squeak/creak noise that is very evident at slow speeds.  I
> attempted to locate it this weekend by removing the wheel and placing a jack
> under 
> the disk to move the suspension up and down.  This was successful in producing
> the noise, but I wasn't all that successful in locating any likely problem.
> The noise may be coming from the body attachment of the lower front link.
> However, I'm not sure enough that this is the problem to replace the link.
> Also, 
> there is no visible indication of a problem at this connection that I can
> discern.  
> I'm not sure if it is the same problem, but I also get similar annoying
> noises from turning the steering wheel, but not all of the time.  I wasn't
> able to 
> replicate the steering noise when I had the car jacked up.
> Any help would be appreciated.  Now that the weather is nice enough to drive
> with the windows open, I'd rather not have to listen to these noises.
> Rob
> 97 A4q

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