88 90 PS pump question

no1of consequence iin10ded at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 15 23:31:44 EST 2004

great idea.. BUT [isnt there always?] which is the right direction to turn 
the pulley? aka does the crank spin clockwise or counter when running 
[looking at the crankpulley head on]? it's ALL apart right now. id guess 


>>thanks huw - but i actually need to know which of the 2 connections on the 
>>-pump- is the high pressure one to the rack and which is the suction from 
>>the pump? i forgot to mark the pump when i pulled them off, and bentley is 
>>a bit vague. the rack and resorvior are all set, i just dont want to 
>>connect the pump backwards..
>Ah, ok, sorry.
>Try this - it's messy, but fun.  Hold the pump in a vise or something so 
>your hands are free.  Pour some PS fluid into both holes, as much as you 
>can get in.  Put something on the floor to catch the mess.  Turn the pulley 
>by hand in the correct direction.  Fluid will come pulsing out of the 
>pressure side.
>Huw Powell

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