4K starting problems

John Larson j.d.larson at verizon.net
Tue Mar 16 21:09:59 EST 2004

Thanks, Bob.  NEW intake boot.  C/S valve operates per specs, swapped out
the knock sensor with a known good one.  One thing I forgot to mention, and
I'll copy the list, the test where you turn on the key and see 2v for 2
seconds at the coil doesn't do that.  You see maybe .8v for about .5
seconds, NOT the spec'd numbers.  I haven't checked the DPR, but this all
seems like spark to me, as it starts when you release the key.  John
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> Have you checked for vacuum leaks? Most notably on the fuel plate boot.
> Also the DPR. You just described exactly a problem I had and it was
> DPR.  Also cold start injector/thermo time switch (or whatever that
> multifunction temp sensor on the back of the head is called).
> PS, knock sensor????
> Bob
> John Larson wrote:
> >I give up!  Well, almost.   I have THREE 85-87 4Ks here, 2 sticks and an
> >auto (parts car).  All belong to the same guy.  All 4 cylinder, all
> >Oh, he has a 4KQ here, too, with a crunched front end.  Front body parts
> >to that one.  One of the sticks and the auto start as they should, with
> >steady spark while they're cranking.  The other one cranks fine but
> >doesn't catch until you release the key.  Worse when it's cold, BTW.
> >Swapped in everything I can think of that might have bearing on the
> >Added a relay to assure full battery power at the coil, ignition control
> >unit, and knock sensor control unit.  Changed the starter because the old
> >one seemed to have a lot of drag.  New ignition switch, tried another
> >battery.  I'm missing something
> >Any ideas out there?
> >
> >BTW, we have LOTS of parts here, and most of them are for sale.  I'll try
> >get an ad on the Marketplace in a few days
> >
> >
> >John
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