4K starting problems

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed Mar 17 21:52:11 EST 2004

> Thanks again, Huw.  Along with the new switch, we tested the voltage at the
> coil and the other places it needs to be.  Battery voltage all around, even
> though the spark is  erratic and even appears 'weak' during cranking.  The
> diode test light (wonderful tool, every one of us should have one) cycles
> red/green indicating signal at the negative side of the coil, the spark just
> doesn't correspond ..........................

> Everything looks just like the other 2 cars under the dash.  There IS one
> splice for the new stereo just downstream of the ignition switch, but the
> symptoms remained with the stereo out of the car, so that wire's not doing
> anything bad.  I can crank the car 'til the cows come home, it'll only start
> when the key's released, some of the time.  Other times, it appears to start
> correctly.

If it does that then the problem must be at least partly intermittent.

have you measured fuel pump voltage while all this is happening?  With a 
  weak spark maybe even though the coil is flashing, maybe the FPR isn't 
turning on.  Maybe the FPR is bad.  Maybe the ignition wires are poopy. 
  Or the cap/rotor...

Though, since it manages to "catch" and start just as the starter 
disengages, meaning it can actually start in a very short time when 
things are "right", I'm still thinking something is not getting power 
during cranking.  I'd take a real close look at the hacked radio wire 
and see how many strands of the wire it was scotchlocked (?) to are left 

Huw Powell



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