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Phil Payne quattro at
Fri Mar 19 12:06:51 EST 2004

> Anyone have experience with GPS systems that are Bluetooth compatible?


Well - the long, lazy, languid arm of coincidence reaches out and smacks you cheerfully in the

As it 'appens, as we say in the UK, one of the major Bluetooth players is a company called
"Cambridge Silicon Radio" - which has just completed one of the most significant
high-technology flotations for years.

And, as it also 'appens, the "Vice President of Communications" at CSR (Alan Woolhouse) is not
only a COMMITTED Bluetooth fanatic - but he's also (poor, deranged soul) an ur-quattro fanatic
and the owner of a late ur-quattro 20V which yours truly (me) has spent some time underneath.

He positively _drips_ Bluetooth.  If it's ever been made, he's got one.

We had great fun when I took him home after a wrenching session.  I had my Blaupunkt RNS 149
SatNav system active - he had the Bluetooth equivalent.  It took me half a day to install my
system - connections to the reversing light switch, the odometer, etc.

He just dropped one box on the dashboard, stuck something in his ear, and clicked something on
his PDA.  Bollocks.  But ideal for rental cars ...

We compared the systems' opinions over fifty miles or so.  Much the same - minor

He's copied on this, but as far as I know he's not registered.

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