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Nate Stuart newt at
Sat Mar 20 12:51:16 EST 2004

Ingolstadt was a great 'Audi Experience'. I visted there two years ago.
The factory tour, though in German when I went (I think they offer a few
English ones), was a really neat experience. The cars looked like they
almost fell together in large assemblies. The museum (right next to the
factory) was also worth a visit, it's got most all the 'famous' audi cars
you would expect. The polished A8 alu frame, Michelle Mouton's S1, most of
the concept cars, a couple R8's scattered around for good measure, etc. I
really should scan in the pics I took someday...

Anyway take care, and have a fun trip!
'89 90v8q

Rocky Mullin said:
> 	is ingolstat the place to go to visit audi in deutchland?
> you know, factory tour, or a museum, or...?  is it even any good,
> or should we instead visit that cool new VW plant in dresden?  i
> can only get two "car" tourism in germany with my sweetie this summer,
> i want to do audi and porsche (stuttgart, i assume).
> 	TIA!
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