84 4ksq Axle? Put Another Way

gwbutler gwbutler at net1plus.com
Sat Mar 20 15:40:14 EST 2004

Hello again all,

I'm having significant difficulty replacing the right-front axle on my 84 4ksq.  Is it absolutely necessary to use the locking plates (431 407 357)on the boot caps for rebuilt axles?  I can't find a re-built with a flat [boot] cap and the lock plates simply ride up un the raised sections of the cap.  I won't experiment with trying to tourque down the bolts...it just won't work.  Does Audi/VW sell any "newer" lock plates that actually fit over the raised sections on the boot cap?  I'm really at wits end here folks.

TIA for you input...


George B.

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