alignment questions, 80Q

Ado Sigal a.sigal at
Sun Mar 21 15:59:06 EST 2004

Not true, the caster is adjustable to a degree, on 
sub frame bolts by 3 mm in each direction, via slots 
and captive nuts on the body points. This translates 
into about 12 mm on the wheel side. Sometimes on 
shunted cars with untrue sub frame points, the slots 
are enlarged slightly, to be able to get the caster 
adjustment right. After caster adjustment its 
necessary to adjust for rear wheel parallelism.



Dan Cordon wrote:

> Hey Tess,
> They are right...caster isn't adjustable. It's visualized by looking at 
> the car from the side and drawing a line down the axis the wheel steers 
> on. So, on your car it would be between the upper strut mount and lower 
> ball joint.
> I'm guessing that the lower ball joint has moved slightly, since the 
> upper mount won't move readily. The sub frame could have twisted 
> slightly though. Based on the #'s for caster, I'd guess that the sub 
> frame twisted counter clockwise (when viewed from above the car). You 
> could try to loosen the lower sub frame bolts and try pushing the left 
> side forward and pulling the right side back.

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