Very very rough idle and accel

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Sun Mar 21 23:14:12 EST 2004

Further down the fuel line is my guess, filter, fuel distrib,or FPR.

-Scott by BOSTON
> The other day i unfortunately ran out of gas even though the guage showed 
> above the red line....regardless from that point on after i filled up i have 
> had 
> a very rough idle, similar to a cylinder cutting out but once i reach about 
> 3000rpm i can feel something kick in and it runs fine at high rpm....i then 
> replaced all the ignition components (cap, rotor, plugs, leads, coil and 
> control 
> unit) thinking that might be the problem as well but still that same thing 
> is 
> occuring....when at idle and sitting in the car you can hear the fuel pump 
> humming normally but then every 15 sec or so you hear a sound like air is 
> getting 
> in the fuel pump ( similar sound to when you are running out of gas).  What 
> should i do at this point?  A new pump and check valve?  or is it further 
> down 
> the line?
> TIA,

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