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Phil Payne quattro at isham-research.com
Mon Mar 22 06:36:09 EST 2004

> And that is the point.  You were able to stop the car
> by applying the brake. No one is saying that cars cannot
> accelerate on their own.

I would hope that any MC/MB engine (and many others) can do exactly that.

Idle is electronically stabilised.  If you start an MB ur-quattro and put it into first gear,
it will pull away just on idle stabilisation - the computer wants the engine to do 900 rpm -
it doesn't know you're in gear.  On a properly adjusted car, you can get into fourth gear at
around 40 mph without touching the accelerator pedal.  If you then simulate "low battery
voltage" to the ISV controller, it accelerates by around 3 mph.

> Where the lies come into play
> is when the driver claims the brakes wouldn't stop the
> car. Maybe if their brakes were defective; but that
> never seems to be the case.

The brakes would have to be _so_ defective that no driver would drive the car beyong the first
block.  The brakes don't just overpower the engine - they do so by almost an order of
magnitude.  There really is no contest between engine and brakes.  Try 0-100 mph and then
100-0 mph.

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