Uninteneded Acceleration Trois?

Eric Sanborn eric_audi.ql at mindspring.com
Mon Mar 22 07:16:48 EST 2004

SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:

>The ultimate cure is NO POWER:
>whether its (key) turn off ingition, shift out of gear/clutch  or depress the 
>brake pedal in a properly working brake system.................. Shifting 
>into park in an automatic at any real velocity will probably destroy your 
>transmission parking pin before stopping the car.....................

When going through drivers education growing up in New Hampshire our 
teacher had an interesting technique.  I don't think it really applies 
anymore (if it ever did), but I guess with carborated RWD cars they 
could give you some trouble in the snow.  If the high idle was still on 
and you were trying gently stop the car would tend to push you through 
an intersection as the braking effort was not enough to stop the rear 
wheels from turning.  I drove a '68 Camaro through one winter in NH 
(commuting from Concord to Keene) and did not have any trouble, but I 
guess it could happen.

The instructors solution to this was to teach us to bump the car into 
neutral when approching an intersection where we planned to stop.  Many 
cars have a reverse lock out of some sort so you can just shove the 
lever forward (or up) into neutral without worry about your tranny.  It 
gets natural if you practice it (which I have not in a long time).

As a related but NAC side note a few of my friends worked for an 
automaker during development of a new model.  It was the first use of 
throttle by wire on this model.  During testing one driver crashed one 
of the test mules.  He claimed the car had stuck at full throttle.  As 
you would imagine he got in a bit of trouble as these were preproduction 
($$$) cars.  Turns out the throttle stuck open for another guy shortly 
after.  I can't remember what the problem turned out to be, but while 
they were hunting it down they installed big red kill buttons in easy 
reach of the driver

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq


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