quattro Digest, Vol 5, Issue 88

l.leung at juno.com l.leung at juno.com
Mon Mar 22 14:26:59 EST 2004

yeah, and that was NOT the best price, but I needed
it NOW and Rapid Parts is actually only 15 minutes 
away. Other sources, TPC, Clair Parts, etc. Best 
prices I've seen (fits type 44 and believe it or not,
A2 VW's!)were around $22. Dealer was over $40, but the
dealer around here should be called "stealer".


-- tom winter <tom at freeskier.com> wrote:
OK - I agree, if you can get a new one for a mere $30, do that. The used one
I put in lasted the 2 years I had it until I sold the car. No idea if it's
still tight. But for $30??? That's probably a no-brainer.


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