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A. Gaidos agaidos at got.net
Mon Mar 22 21:28:16 EST 2004

 For months now my daughter's (formally My) 90Q20V has been unable to start.
It first went to an idiot's shop but has since ended up at R&D Motor sports.
Rick there is one of the best in the area. He has spent at least 15 hours on
it and cannot get it to start. There is no signal at the injectors and the
computer is not sending a signal to the coil. He listed off all the things
he's checked and rechecked, tested and retested. The only thing that is
consistent is the reference sensor error code but the sensor checks out and
is sending a signal to the computer. He's tried two different computers
aside from the original and the odds of 3 computers being bad is highly
unlikely. He's run external power to the car to isolate any ignition issues
as well. Rick is about to wash his hands of the car and he agrees with me
that it's time to post here to see if someone out there has had a similar
situation. His other idea is to have an identical, running car side by side
that he can swap parts from which at the moment doesn't seem to be an

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