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Thu Mar 25 00:48:21 EST 2004

>>although ive felt like the tt was sorta the spiritual successor to the 
>>urq.. tqc and all.
>That was my thought, except that the tt won't seat five, which is sort of 
>part of the "brief" to make a neu-ur-Q.

i dont know man, ive seen the back seat of the urq.. looks KINDA tight for 3 
people back there. =) plus the tt's a hatch, so you get a few more lifestyle 
points there. a TINY hatch, but a hatch. really more of a pop-top breifcase 
container. =)

>I saw a black hardtop tt last night outside the mom-n-pop (and sons and 
>aughters and grandchildren...) grocery store.  Nice car, I wanted one - 
>that thing has the world's sweetest cupholder...

yeah, a buddy at work just bought one. silver hardtop. its a nice car. at 
first i thought they were a bit of a.. well.. er.. lets just say i found it 
to be geared toward the new beetle's demographic. but now i want one too. 
new and tight and quick. and really easy to park.

the cupholder is sumthin else. i actually really like the push-out and dial 
seat heater knobs. ive been trying to figure out a way to jerry-rig them in 
my 90.


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