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TM t44tq at
Thu Mar 25 11:45:20 EST 2004

Speaking of Audi/VW dealership service, that is the reason why I will
not consider a new Audi purchase until the customer service aspect

The dealers in the northeast, for the most part, do not seem to want to
their customers- from the initial sales contact all the way to
maintenance and
service of the vehicle. Salespeople are not the most helpful, nor are
they that
well trained. Service rates are outrageously expensive and parts prices
are very
high. Getting a service appointment is like pulling teeth around here-
no one
seems to have anything less than 2 weeks out, even if it is an emergency

Finally, the reliability aspect of the new Audis is kind of scary- my
200 has had
very few problems (knock on Zebrano) and has been a very nice car to
drive and own.
The A4 is definitely less so- more problems much earlier in its life but
still not
that bad. The horror stories I hear about S4s and A6s is enough to make
me seriously

I'm in the market (possibly) for a late model midsize car and the A6
2.7T is one of
the possibilities, but I'm doubting that purchase more and more.
Unfortunately, the
5-cylinder S6 is getting too old for my taste and there is little else-
I might end
up getting a BMW and a Subaru.


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