FW: 5kTQ Ice Race failure

Timmmy quattro at inspirinium.com
Thu Mar 25 13:42:55 EST 2004

Hi Tim,

That ties up with my thoughts at present.

I am getting vacuum displayed on my aux gauge, and I am showing some boost
on both my gauges, bu it takes forever to build.

I had a good feel around the michelin hose which was new anyway, and
couldnt feel any splits. the lower intercooler hose is also new, but as I
said I didnt want to lay own in the slush to check it.

That will be my first stop this weekend, then the intercooler.



>> Tim
>>   I would doubt the turbo, although I did have mine go bad. Couldn't
>> get the car much over 50 mph and took for1ever to get there, and it
>> wasn't just that it had no boost. The broken impeller was blocking the
>> airflow. But then again, k24's object to 24 psi over a sustained
>> period of time. If your car accelerates normally up to boost
>> threshold, I don't think it is the turbo.  I would suspect one of your
>> hoses, maybe the lower intercooler hose. The noise is what makes me
>> think it is one of the intercooler hoses. If your gauge is showing
>> vaccum, you don't have  a vacuum leak, only  a boost leak. I have had
>> both my upper and lower intercooler hoses rip at various times.I would
>> get that whistling sound, although my boost gauge would show boost,
>> even though most of the air was never making it into the engine.  I
>> know have Samco and so far, no problems.
>> Regards,
>> Jerry
>> 91 200qa (K24/26 running 22psi)

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