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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Mar 28 22:48:05 EST 2004

At 5:51 PM +0000 3/25/04, no1of consequence wrote:
>>The tt is a hatch?  I thought it had a trunk.  Anyway, the back 
>>seat of an UrQ (same as a coupe gt) will seat two full sized 
>>adults, in remarkable comfort, considering.  Three is pushing it, 
>>but there *are* three seat belts...
>yup the tt is a hatch back with fold down rear seats. its 2 buckets 
>in back that really are the most useless seats ive ever seen. each 
>one is about big enuff for a grocery bag.
>>Just having two seats limits a car's practicality, and almost 
>>demands that you have at least one other, roomier, vehicle 
>>available.  Depending on your "lifestyle," of course.
>yup. my buddy is single with no kids and a total city-slicker 
>weenie, so lifestyle and style take precedence over practicality. if 
>the tt were a little bigger, a bit longer, with a useful rear seat 
>it would be a nearly ideal ride.

	it's also small, making it really practical as a city car.  if we
had two four-wheeled vehicles (we're right in the middle of tiny san francisco)
one of them would be something like my A4 avant - AWD for skiing, able to
load with a decent amount of crap for work (A/V installations) or play
(camping, burning man, etc).  ideally something with decent mileage, the
A4 sucks for that.  anyway the other car would be as small as possible yet
still able to hold my girlfriend's massage table for outcalls.

	as it is, for easy-to-park and get around transportation, we look
to motorcycles.  they seem to work pretty well for city slickers 
weenies, but only weenies with balls.

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