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> >>Lexus cars are not fault-free, it all boils down to perception.
> >>People are so indoctrinated about the "Lexus reliability" (or
> >>Toyota, or Honda, whatever) that when problems do arise, they
> >>are dismissed as "atypical".  The dealers fix the problems, and
> >>all is forgotten.
> >>

I agree with the above, a great deal is perception. I have also noted that 
about 75% of Toyota buyers are women. Could it be that they are better about 
adhering to "recommended service"? A few factoids about perception. An ex-GF 
after replacing one window mechanism a month in her 4 year old Corolla for 3 
months, decided to replace the car. With what? Another Toyota. Why? Because they 
are such good cars. 
       As to Lexus, Consumer Reports recommends against buying a used one, 
off warranty. Why? Because maintenance will eat you. 
       There is the perception among Japanese car buyers that mechanical 
failure is an anomaly. If the car breaks, it must be that they failed the machine. 
I recall that this perception previously applied to German car purchasers. 
       Another factoid. In the most recent J.D. Power report of "Initial 
Build Quality" ( a measure of defects on delivery) Toyota and Honda were 
immediately followed by Buick and the Ford Crown Vic. VW, Audi and Mercedes were well 
down the list. 
       I have noticed that if a Toyota gives 200,000 miles off relatively 
trouble free service, the response is "What a wonderful car". If a Pontiac 
Bonneville gives similar service, the response is "It should, I paid enough for it".
        An aside. I frequent my local "Auto Donation Charity Lot", looking 
for oddities. I notice that there are an awful lot of 200,000 mile Park Avenues 
and such that do not appear especially worn.

Tom Faust

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