A4q windshield washer reservoir - how to remove?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Mar 30 22:00:01 EST 2004

	say, what are your symptoms?  i had a problem with mine.  new 
"fixed" it.  the problem: rear washer wasn't squirting.  upon looking into it,
they said that it was disconnected and just flowing fluid into some cavity in
the driver's area, under the rug or something.  oddly, i never smelled this
until AFTER i picked up the car, at which point it was intensely strong.

	now, the rear works, but if i run any of the washers with the HVAC
activated, i get a strong whiff of the fluid.  i think they messed it up

At 7:16 PM -0500 3/30/04, Todd Guttman wrote:
>Group - my apologies for posting basic question to the list, but 
>I've got a leak somewhere in my A4 1.8Tq's windshield washer 
>reservoir and I'd like to remove and inspect it.  I've found two 
>mounting points - the first is a bolt to the front fender in front 
>of the reservoir near the fill cap. It appears that this also holds 
>the power steering reservoir in place. Another point is way down 
>underneath near the bottom of the reservoir - against an inside 
>support. There has to be a third bolt up on top somewhere. 
>Unfortunately, the Bentley Factory Service Manual doesn't list or, 
>more importantly, show the reservoir or how its attached.
>If anyone has removed the reservoir - where is the third bolt and 
>how do I get to it?
>Many thanks!
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