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Good move, You cannot simply bolt on a torsen center diff to a non-torsen 
gearbox without replacing some pretty pricey parts. Your best bet is to swap out 
the whole trans.

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> > So why did you abandon the torsen swap to your 5k?
> > 
> > I have been daydreaming of and am seriously interested
> > in performing a torsen swap to my '87 4kcsq.  
> > 
> > Is this too far fetched?  Is it an easy fit?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > kevin
> Actually, I'm going to abandon the whole 5k modifications I'd planned. I 
> also purchased a used 034 EFI to put in it that I'll have to sell as 
> well. I have a 91 200 20V, and the 5k doesn't get driven much any more. 
> I'm just going to continue fixing the little bugs on the 5k and sell it 
> in a year or so. So it's not worth the time and $$ to make the fun car I 
> was planning.
> The tranny will bolt right in the 5k. I don't know about the 4k at 
> all....never had one. On the 5k, it's necessary to swap in the rear diff 
> from a 91 200 or V8 to get a matching 4.11:1 ratio in the back.
> Certainly some of the other 4k experts would have a good idea of how 
> involved this swap would be.
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