I found my first Audi! (For Sale on Ebay)

Bob D bob at audisport.com
Sun May 2 00:15:24 EDT 2004

The interior is pristine now, all new console etc. no cheesy wiring etc, 
it was all done nicely. Even the LED temp and volt gauges work 
perfectly. I can take some pics if youre interested. Its honestly one of 
the nicest later 4000's Ive ever seen. It pains me to sell it :(

David Thoresen wrote:

> I was the second owner in Hawaii.... I am fairly certain the accidents 
> would not show up... but the totaled title should have... (that was 
> from the thieves breaking into the car, not an accident)
> The first accident (someone pulled out in front of me) caused me to 
> replace the front bumper and passenger side quarter panel... Second 
> one was to repair the hit it got from a motorcycle running into the 
> rear drivers side quarter panel and a rear bumper replacement... third 
> was minor and the lady paid me cash it just needed new headlights and 
> a few minor things (she pulled out in front of me)
> Thats about the history on the car that I have...  The only problems I 
> had would have been fixed with the engine swap, and new 
> suspension/bushings etc....
> That rear trunk lid does need to be fixed.  The rear deck where I had 
> the speakers as well as the front door inside panels if they hadn't 
> been replaced will need to be...  along with the main console from 
> getting pried with a crowbar to get to my stereo  :(  grrrrrr
> But the nice thing is that a 10v Turbo engine is in the car... the 
> hard part is done!  Just needs some TLC to get it back up to its once 
> happy shape!
> Hope it gets a nice home!  I was worried the car got parted out but 
> glad its still alive!
> David
> 90q 20v
> On Saturday, May 1, 2004, at 07:18 PM, SuffolkD at aol.com wrote:
>> David:  Just curious for the listers and myself, Were you the second 
>> owner or the first in Hawaii?  Would the accidents show up in a car 
>> fax report?
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