Frazzzin Expletive Oil Pan 6mm Alan Key Bolts

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Mon May 3 09:30:56 EDT 2004

I've had experiences with these, and I typically use the "CV" socket (8mm
12point), and just pound it in there. You can also use a Torx socket, but
I'm not sure of the size.

Tony Hoffman

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Well got all the bolt off the oil pan this afternoon except for the 6mm 
alan key bolts by the tranny... I managed to strip one of them, and 
didn't dare try the others till I get a GOOD alan key that will fit on 
a 3/8" or even a 1/2" socket wrench... Hope the guys at tool town will 
have something to help remove that stripped alan key bolt, I am tempted 
at this point to bang in a 1/4" alan key in there :o(

No way am I going to attempt the tranny....

Banging head on the wall,

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