Looking for matching headunit

rob hod rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk
Tue May 4 14:06:53 EDT 2004

> Some of the new stereos have selectable lighting, just not sure which
> brands.
> Tony Hoffman
> P.S. Older Alpines are green, JVC is molstly green, and Panasonics are
> The lighting that is.

 Wow, my bottom posting debut (?!?)

 My Kenwood is black faced and has selectable lighting, which includes red.

IIRC the default lighting was described as green but was so pale it would
pass for white. I just reset it from the menu to red and left it. Note
though that this applies to the backlighting of the buttons and not the
'text' display which remains white, whilst at either end are menu type
function buttons that are large and , for some reason, permanantly blue.

However apart from the 'blue' issue the colours actually work well overall
and fits in very well with the 'teardrop' type 44 interior.

My particular model is KRC394  (Cassette/Tuner + CD multi) but of course
they have a range of specs and CD/Tuners etc. and only a year or so old, but
who knows, the range is probably outdated already. Nice sound tho.


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