Oil Pan Seal, Subframe Bushings, Rear Main Seal...

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Wed May 5 00:37:58 EDT 2004

> That rear main seal sure is leaking quite a bit of oil :9(  Needs to get 
> replaced asap, should I do it with while I have the subframe off 
> anyways? 

I don't think that is a big deal, but no harm in just fixing everything 
at once...

> I am feeling I might get in over my head since I have never 
> done tranny work on a car before...  But I do have a little patience and 
> the rear main seal for the car hiding somewhere... :o)   So I guess the 
> next thing is... what else should I be prepared to replace for while the 
> tranny is out?? (90q20v 202233 Miles!)

Clutch, pressure plate, release bearing.  Tranny input seal.  Clutch 
slave cylinder.  There's a gasket under the plate that the rear main 
seal sits in.  Tranny fluid.  Downpipe gasket & nuts, since you probably 
have to pull it to get the tranny off.

Huw Powell



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