Brake Fluid Capacity?

Huw Powell audi at
Wed May 5 19:59:54 EDT 2004

> "Doing a brake fluid change...  but just want to make sure I have enough
> on hand for the job... How much does the 90q 20v require?"
> Thanks!
> David
> Per the Bentley, .5L per caliper, .5L for the master cylinder.  Add another
> .5 for the clutch hydraulics, making it 3L.  You could get by with 2 if
> you're financially challenged or don't want to spend the time to do the
> whole 3L.  HTH, John

Or 1 liter total if all you do is flush til it runs clean.  No harm in 
picking up 3 liters to play with, though, IMHO.  Unopened brake fluid 
stays good til you need it.

Huw Powell

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