90q Back Together Again!

David Thoresen david at epicfoto.com
Wed May 5 20:34:45 EDT 2004

>> However, it definitely seems there is something wrong with the 
>> steering, the steering wheel it still stays slightly left after 
>> making a left turn... and vice versa after making a right turn...  
>> Its VERY scary on the freeway when the steering wheel wont "turn" the 
>> car in this play area.. (about 10* either way)

On Wednesday, May 5, 2004, at 05:03 PM, Huw Powell wrote:

> At first I thought you meant the wheel just didn't recenter properly, 
> which would just be an alignment issue.
> But now that I hit reply-all and read you more closely, it sounds like 
> you have 20 degrees of "float" in the middle!  Yikes.  Does 
> braking/accelerating make the wheel go back and forth?  That can 
> happen when a suspension component is seriously ovalled, had that with 
> strut top mounts on my old 5kt (type 85/89 cars don't have those, 
> though).
> The only other thing I can think of is that somehow the preload/lash 
> adjustment in your rack is very loose.  Are there any sounds 
> associated with this play in the wheel?
> -- 
> Huw Powell

Thanks Huw!

There are no noises when this happens... just a quiet "slide"  
Braking/accelerating doesn't have any effect... It is quite scary at 
speed and turning around a bend when the steering wheel is a bit left 
and making a right turn;  it wont start turning till the steering wheel 
is at least at 10 degrees  to the right... in that time it feels the 
car is "sliding" to the left... was hoping it was only the subframe 
bushings... but removing and replacing that didn't help...

the tie rods don't have any play in them (at least no back and forth 
movement with the wheels up)

Your help is greatly appreciated!  I would hate to get *another* 
alignment done only to have to redo something else...

Just replaced though is:
Springs to H&R's
Shocks to Boge TG
Control Arm Bushings
Stabilizer Bar Tie Rod Ends

90q 20v 203K Miles

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