Custom Autocraft Exhaust mid section - 90q

Alan Pritchard apritchard at
Fri May 7 04:27:46 EDT 2004

Hi guys, just a note to let you all know how I got on with custom
autocraft's exhaust mid section for my 1990 90q 10v.
Just to bring you up to speed, a year ago I fitted their rear silencer to my
car and was very pleased. 2.5" stainless tubing running into a muffler with
an internal y exiting in 2 outlet pipes, all nicely rolled, bent, welded,
I had to wait until now to get the centre section as it was still under
development, infact the one I fitted was still a prototype, Paul at custom
autocraft is very particular in ensuring everything is 100% correct.  As per
the back box the middle section is all 2.5" stainless tubing, with a reducer
to 2.25" at the front to meet the standard cat. It has one muffler
approximately 2/3rds size of oe. All is mirror polished. I was warned, as
this was a prototype, that the 2 ends of the exhaust were 10mm out, when it
came to fitting I did not even see this!!! The biggest pain to fitting was
trying to get the triangular flange that bolts to the rear box, over the
subframe and between the rear diff, it just did not want to go!!!!! Until I
found the right angle.  After that all fitting was a breeze.
Ok, noise..... bearing in mind my car is running a k&n, schrick 272 and full
cat back exhaust, its very pleasant.... Infact the exhaust noise still has
to fight over the induction noise to be heard, backing of at high revs gets
a mild burble and pop sometimes, which is very pleasant.
Performance... ok..... I do not rate exhaust systems as being able to give
nay real tangible power increase.... But....... I stand corrected.......
My crappy pattern exhaust system must have been very nasty...... when I
added the schrick the car just accelerated for longer.... Now with the
exhaust when 4000 rpm comes on.... I know about it!!!!!  Very pleased..... I
cannot wait to get megasquirt'n'spark on the car.
Unfortunately I have no way of measuring any benefits other than by feel.  
I am very pleased with this system, when cruising it is virtually inaudible,
although I haven't done any motorway driving yet.
By the way, I have nothing to do with custom autocraft, just like Pauls

Best Regards,
Alan Pritchard

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