Type 44 Cylinder Head Question

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri May 7 08:53:26 EDT 2004

Doesn't the pulley have a shoulder on it (the reason you can't see the key
that locates it on the camshaft) so you can't put it on "backwards"?  On my
'91 200q20v, the pulley had a little "o" mark on the front that didn't seem
to go with anything, but  there was a line stamped into the metal of one of
the teeth that aligned with a mark on the valvecover.  I seem to remember a
similar arrangement on the I5 in our 4kq where the line on the back of the
pulley lined up with the driver side corner of the valvecover gasket.
Anyway, I had to look the pulley over on the 200 very carefully in a strong
light to find the mark.  On the 4kq, it was easier to spot.  I find TDC by
using a piece of dowel in the front spark plug hole and turning the engine
very slowly.  I mark the dowel before disassembly and then can use it to
locate TDC later.

At 06:18 AM 5/7/2004 -0500, Hoffman Anthony J A1C 552 CMS/MXMVC wrote:
>If you are just trying to find TDC on the cam, the easiest way is to look at
>the cam lobes on #1. They should be at about 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. They
>should be facing upwards as much as possible, opposite each other from the
>12 o'clock centerline of the lobes. Your pulley may be backwards, check and
>make sure if there is a way.
>Hope this helps.

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